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Visual Arts Education Program at DePaul University

Luminous Crafts

Here is a word document of Luminous Craft Less Plan Luminous Craft Lesson Planning template

The below list of downloadable units plans represent a selection of units built from the Luminous Craft template designed by artist, teacher and adjunct visiting professor in the Visual Art Education Program at DePaul University. The blank template is included in the list to use and distribute. There are  two responses from writers on the project’s structure or the format of the unit plan.

skateboard design Designing skateboards by Alexa Baise

Blank Generation Revisited A survey of DIY and Punk aesthetics by Keith Brown

Body Movin’ Unit (Three Lessons) Exploring and interpreting the body through multiple artistic mediums by Mary Shannon

Expressing One’s Self Empowerment through the arts by Nikki Jarecki

Finders Keepers Art of the found object by Kathy Banek

Flash Attack The art of the flash mob by Kelsey Moher

Get To KNOW Getting to know and working with community members by Janet Taylor

Interpretation Lunch Hour Lunch Hour: Art, Community, Administrated Space and Unproductive Activity by Keith Brown

Investigating Textiles The importance of textiles through history by Nikki Jarecki

Garbage of Your City Anthropologic study of garbage in your neighborhood by Kelsey Moher

The American Refrigerator Study of the American refrigerator by Kelsey Moher

A response of Luminous Craft by Nikki Jarecki

Experimental Film / Video by Brandy Pudzis

Blank Luminous Craft template

A response of Luminous Craft by Keith Brown

Mass Identity Thoughts on a (Mass)ive identity crisis by Janet Taylor

What Is Good Design by Sarah Grimmer

What Is Good Design #2 by Sarah Grimmer

The Printed Word The history of the word by Nikki Jarecki

Conceptual Collaborative Drawing Unit Keith Brown


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